Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Been Awhile

                                                                                    Outfit Details: 
                                                                The Gathering Tank- Anthropologie
                                                             Drawing Parallels Skirt- Anthropologie
                                                                Suedette Skinny Belt- F21
                                                                                      Socks- F21
                                                                                      Boots- Oldnavy
Sorry for the low quality picture....
Yes, I've been slacking... and I have said this in previous posts... this is harder then I thought. To find time to think of an outfit and also get someone to take my picture for me.. its hard. Right now I'm in school studying Pre-Tech and hopefully getting into Sonography next September.. keep your fingers crossed for me.. its a really competitive course. All I do now is school, work, homework, and sleep.. and maybe get in a couple of episodes of Glee! My favorite show!  

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