Monday, February 6, 2012

Wedding Shower Attire

                                                                          Outfit Details:
                                                                            Cardigan & Tights- F21
                                                                                Dress- Anthropologie     
                                                                               Heels- Steve Madden                                                              
This year I have 5 weddings to go to... and with that comes many events and gatherings! Yesterday was the first wedding shower of the year and yes it was Superbowl as well. I decided I was going to wear this dress I bought from Anthropologie Miss Swiss Corset Dress. I've loved this dress the moment I saw it.. the detailing on the bottom of the dress was beautiful! Now.. the dress is a little tight in the chest area.. what can I say... now is it impolite to show a little boob at a wedding shower? My mother thought it looked fine.. but my boyfriend thought differently.. I always feel weird showing the girls.. but that's just me!
Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I love the dress and think that you look fantastic! I hardly think that you are showing the girls, and there is nothing wrong if it if you do!

  2. I think you look adorable!! I love the red cardigan and shoes!! It's a perfect outfit for a wedding shower too. I hope you had fun!!