Saturday, July 14, 2012

Win a Lifetime of CND Shellac!

Hey Everyone!

Would you like to win a lifetime supply of Shellac? You know I would! I have been going to get my nails done with shellac for the past month now and I can defiantly see a difference in my nails.. they actually grow.. and they are soo strong. You don't know how many times I have hit my nails on something hard.. and thought to myself.. wow if I didn't have this shellac on my nails they would be gone! I love also how long they stay on my nails.. as a server...having my nails looking presentable is always a must. 

Rachael B from Nail Polish Canada contacted me about this and wondered if I could share it on my blog for you all to get in on this great contest! 

Below is the message they sent me if you want to win the contest! Good Luck Ladies!

“To be fair, it’s actually only a 25 year supply, so we can only hope the winner dies early to keep me an honest woman” - Nikki Smith, VP of Glitter, Nail Polish Canada.
CND Shellac is a cross between nail polish and gel which is cured under a UV lamp and lasts up to 14 days without chipping.

Chipped nails are an important issue that affect lives in many ways. “ We've invented substantial research and the reason women slap or bite in a cat fight is fear of chipping their nails. Hopefully, together, we can build a world where a woman can throw a punch at the bitch who kissed her boyfriend without worrying about chips” said Ms. Smith

The prize will go to whomever can show that their life will be most impacted by winning Shellac for life.
Be it better, or worse.

Maybe it stops your polish addiction long enough that you can save money, go to school, become a doctor, go to Africa and start saving lives. Did we say that this contest saves lives? Now we did.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a little understanding, “My husband will finally understand that other people take polish as seriously as me...” - Sarah P.”
Or perhaps the result won’t be as positive, “I’ll probably spend all my time painting my nails, not go to work, get fired, now I’m homeless, damn you NPC.” - Beth C”
If you or a loved one is still stuck in a world of chips, smudges and wasting countless hours re-doing nails we urge you to take a stand.
Grand prize will go to the best description of how winning a lifetime supply of Shellac will change their life. 
Winner selected August 7, 2012.

Prize Details & Entry

Grand Prize (Value $1266): 33 Bottles of CND Shellac + 36 Watt UV Lamp + 5 Topcoat + 5 Basecoat + Scrub Fresh.
How much Shellac do I need to last 25 years?
1300 (weeks in 25 years) / 2 (weeks application lasts) / 20 (applications per bottle) = 33 bottles of Shellac color
Open to Canadian and United States residents only.


  1. Lovely one!!! i wish to enhance my nail's strength.

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  2. The product description was offbeat and humorous. Hopefully I don't need shellac because my husband is cheating on me but at least I know where to go in case that happens :)

    If anything, I could use the extra protection because of the little one bouncing around and not having the time or patience to re-apply nail polish every few days.

  3. Great products :) I'm following you now :)

  4. I always wanted to try this type of manicure!!! i 'm really loving your blog (new follower=)

  5. This is awesome! Just found your blog and so glad :)

  6. i use shellac all the time since my nail are very short. Great find:)


  7. holy smokes!! 25 years of nail polish!! thats awesome :D


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