Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oldie but a Goodie

                                                                                            Outfit of the Day:
                                                                                            Zanzibar Dress- Modcloth
                                                                                                        Sandals- Billabong
                                                                                                                Purse: Coach

Old picture from last year when I went to New York.
It's a raining kinda day here in Windsor, Ontario.... yes I am from Canada! Made my boyfriend some lunch and now catching up on some couponing that I have missed out on since I traveled last weekend to Thunder bay, Ontario. I am addicted to couponing. I know we can't save crazy ways like our fellow Americans.. but I can save pretty well here! The thrill of saving a couple dollars or getting items for free or for under one dollar is a rush..... I know I'am a huge geek.. more money saving =  more money for dresses.

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