Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Luxe Box 2012

Happy March to you all! This just in... my March Luxe Box by Loose Button! I was the last one to get my box out of all my friends.. but that was just a couple days off from everyone else. As you can imagine... I was getting a little stir crazy waiting for it.. I think this will be a reoccurring thing with me. This month the Luxe Box went back to its original colour and that is black.. soo nothing crazy special. They are celebrating their 1 year anniversary and as a gift to us they gave us a wildflower seed card... I thought that was such a great idea! Also in the box there was a $1 coupon off of the J.R Watkins lotion if you buy it at shoppers.
The products I received......

1) Redken Colour Extend Shampoo and Conditioner- I think I have tried this long time ago but these samples say that there is a new Fade Resist I'm excited to try this. My hair is colour-treated and I like to try new shampoos all the time so these will go to good use.

2) OPI Rapi Dry Top Coat- I'm interested in how this top coat is going to wear.. I'm obsessed with my Seche Vite Top coat and I don't know how this will compare. The only complaint I have is how small the sample is :(

3) J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion in Lavender- I am in LOVE with the smell of this product. It is a little strong but I like my lotions like that. I'm excited to see if this lotion is nourishing enough for me to go out and buy the full size. 

4) Cargo Eyeshadow- They had the first in line program this month where you can reserve a special product to go into your box for the month. I reserved the glitter top coat by Cargo... and I did not get that. Kinda disappointing not to get what you reserved but whatever. The eyeshadow is a light pink and brown duo.. which will be fun to try.

I have never tried any of these products before so it was be fun testing everything out. I do think this box is a little step up from what I got in my Feb Luxe Box. If you are subscribed to Luxe Box.. please let me know what you got and if your not subscribed and want to is the link!


  1. Your box is different from mine.

  2. I want the eyeshadow so badly!!! My box didn't impress me this month :(

    1. I ended up giving my mom my eyeshadow.. and trading her for more of the Cargo mascara! I reserved the Cargo Glitter Top Coat.. and never got it!