Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding Shower Attire Part 2

                                                                            Outfit Details: 
                         Womens Perfect Cardigan (Raspberry Punch)- Old Navy 
                                                                 Mompos Dress-Anthropologie
                                                                                Tights & Ring- F21
                                                                                    Heels- Seychelles

Today is the second wedding shower of the year and I'm soo excited for it. Some people might say that wedding showers are boring.. but I actually kinda enjoy them. Maybe its because I'm not married yet but I just love all the cute little details and ideas people come up with for their own shower. For this wedding shower they have asked that we come with our gifts bare with no wrapping paper. I thought that was a cute idea... wasting less paper is better... also spending less time unwrapping all the gifts and more time with your guests! The dress I'm wearing today is the famous Mompos Dress from Anthropologie. I saw it for the first time on Quinn from glee and told myself... must...get...dress... and here it is! It's a dress that anyone could look and feel beautiful in. I did hold out and bought it when it went on sale... I mostly do this with a lot of Anthropologie items. Call me cheap but I like to get a good deal.. and kinda justifies my purchase at the exact same time! My question to you is... do you enjoy wedding showers..or do you find them boring???


  1. You must of wowed everyone at the wedding shower cause the Mompos dress looks amazing on you!! I always think the dress looks gorgeous on blondes :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the dress on you and the patterned tights are the perfect compliment.

    1. Thanks soo much! I love your blog.. very cute!