Friday, March 8, 2013

MAC Empties

Hey Everyone!

This is probably my 3rd time finishing 6 MAC products and I just love MAC for having a program like this. You all probably know that if you bring 6 empty products back to MAC then they will give you a free lipstick of your choice! Now I have heard that if you are from the states you can get other stuff.. but here in Canada that's all ya get! I kind of like it that way.. then I can go into MAC and pick up a lipstick that is daring and totally not me but  I wouldn't care because its free!
This is the first time I did a post like this one.. I'm always interested in what people are using up especially from MAC! 

1. MAC Blot Pressed Powder (Medium Dark)- I have been using this powder for over 8 years now and is still my favourite item from MAC. Anytime my face feels a little greasy during the day or if I need a little pick me up.. I use this. The coverage is very shear and you may think that a medium dark is too dark especially for my skin but its not. I will constantly be buying this product again and again.
Holy Grail Product

2. MAC Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15 Foundation- I hated this product.. I really wanted to like it but I did not. When applying it on my skin it was really streaky and blotchy. I could not for the life of me get a good coverage either because of the product itself. I went out and bought another foundation and never went back to this one after just a couple of tries. When I was going to try it again I looked at the expiry date and it was expired.. so that's why its still almost full in the picture. Also.. it broke me out like you wouldn't believe.. not something I look forward to dealing with! Would Not Repurchase

3. MAC Eye Shadow (All That Glitters)- I had to try this out since everyone raved about it. My initial feeling towards this eye shadow was great but then as time went on.. and I started using my Naked Pallete more.. I liked colours in my Pallete better then this eye shadow. It's not a bad colour.. I just found other eye shadows I like better. Would Not Repurchase

4. MAC Lustreglass Lip Gloss (Wonder-Struck)- I really liked this lip gloss! It gave my lips a beautiful sparkly effect and I got a lot of compliments on it from time to time. I always wore this lip gloss in the summer when the sun was shining....such a great colour! Would Repurchase

There ya have it.. all my MAC empties! Now it's going to take me forever to accumulate this again!
I'm going to head to my local MAC counter and I'll blog about what I got... hopefully I don't end up leaving with more then my free item... 

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. In NZ, all we need to do is give them 6 MAC plastic bags to get a free lipstick! I keep coming back for more to avail the freebies :) xx

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  2. You can get lipglasses and eyeshadows in Canada too but it has to be at a free standing stores. MAC counters only give out lipsticks :(

    1. Ohh! Good to know.. Ya the only MAC we have here in Windsor is the the Bay! :(

  3. Replies
    1. Such amazing products! It's hard not to buy more all the time!